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Mo the Mischievious

And yes it's true...I do bite...

21 October 1984

Friends ONLY! Only advertisements and announcements will be posted publicly. Just leave me a comment if you want to be added. I will not add back random LJ collectors. I'm interested in making real friends.

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"Don't Dream It BE IT!!!"

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"america", acrobatics, actual justice for all, all kinds of cheese, alternative healthcare, anti-war, art, artists of all kinds, atheism, badass bitches, bdsm, being a dom, bi-genderism, boi, bondage, boys in eyeliner, bull-shiiting, butch love, cheese, clothing, clowning, clubbing, college, conventions, costuming, creating realities from dreams, cuddling, d/s relationships, daggers, dancing, defiance, design, dominance, drag kings, drag queens, drawing, fashion, fetish, films, finding myself, fire, fishnets, free stylin', fur, gear, gender bending, gender education, gender-fucking your mom, gentle eccentricities, getting called sir, getting lost, good humor, gray, hair, halloween, hardware, having sex, healing, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, hiking, hip hop, history, hoodies, humor, hunter, ice, iguanas, insomnia, intelligent conversations, kissing bois, kissing girls, knowing the difference, laughing for no reason, leather, lifting weights, living passionately, losing the time, loving holistically, lyrics, made up words, make-up, making history, masks, metal, metal holding us together, metal in my skin, metal in your skin, mime, modern dance, monkeys, movement theatre, music but who isn't, my boy, natural healing, new orleans, ninja turtles, not writing lists, oldskool rap, parties, peach faygo, people who love me, pictures, piercings, pilates, poetry, punk, queer, queer theory, randomness, real thinkers, revolution, rhps, rhps fanclub, rocky horror picture show, rope bondage, s&m, sal piro, santa fe, sci-fi, sci-fi conventions, seafood, sewing, sex and gender, shakin' my ass, shedding fears, shoes, shopping, silverware, skulls, snow, socializing, spoken word, sushi, suspension, tattoos, texting, the butch mystique, the dom-sub dynamic, the men's dressing room, theatre, thoughts beyond words, transgender warriors, transvestites, travel, typing, varities of cheese, velvet, working out, writing, yoga


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